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Grow Your Business

With Targeted Leads

Leverage the Insights to Generate,
Qualify and Nurture Leads.


With a focus on quality, our lead generation capabilities cover the spectrum of funnel-
building goals. We take delight in identifying the best leads for you.

Our Customizable Lead Gen Campaigns Can Include:

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Telemarketing
  • BeTechly Targeting Platform
  • Planning and Execution
  • Social Selling and Enablement


Lead Gen Capabilities

To better reach a client's target audience and engage them in meaningful dialogue, we provide customized and creative nurture program development as part of our process-driven operational approach.

  • Target list development
  • Lead nurture activities
  • Access to proprietary lead qualification platform: BeTechly
  • Real-time reporting via a client dashboard
  • Original survey-based content
  • Qualified leads as per your targeting
  • Dedicated sales development specialists

The Iinsight Effect
Is A Powerful Conduit

using market research as the draw

Our BeTechly survey campaigns are the next stage in appointment setting programs. We use relevant benchmarking surveys to engage potential buyers and fully BANT qualify them.

experienced sales support

Leads are carefully cultivated and further confirmed from the moment they set an appointment to ensure that your reps know what kind of opportunity is present, as well as deep background on the contact’s environment and requirements.

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Prospects Program

Welcome to the NO COST way to engage potential customers. Change3 is offering free leads to opted-in Prospects Program members as part of our ongoing lead-generation activities.


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