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Privacy Policy

Change3 Privacy Policy – 2024

Change3 is committed to honoring your communications preferences and provides a variety of ways for you to share your preferences.

Our Privacy Policy and Permissions Management

Change3 is a marketing agency that provides a variety of marketing services, including audience building, event recruitment, market research (e.g. surveys or polls), as well as content creation for our own business, our wholly-owned brands, as well as for our clients.

In that capacity, Change3 may also help our clients build audiences and marketing databases of contacts that fit certain criteria. We use and share contact data from multiple industry sources to build our database of business technology influencers and decision-makers. Our primary data providers are ZoomInfo and Outward Media. Visit their websites to learn more about their individual privacy policies and how to manage your permissions with them.

Please take note of the following:

  • As part of our outreach activities for our business, and on behalf of our clients, Change3 engages contacts in a variety of roles and responsibilities and complies with local laws and regulations, where applicable.
  • When you engage with Change3 owned or operated systems, particularly when you submit your personal information to our systems, you are submitting data to Change3 systems located in the United States, and that data is collected and maintained in, and subject to the laws of, the United States.
  • When submitting your personal information to our system, you will be able to provide your permissions to be contacted and how, as well as be able to revoke or change your permissions or preferences at any time.

You can manage your communications preferences with Change3 at any time using email, chat or phone. Simply contact our team to update your communications preferences, including topics of interest, and/or contact details, such as title or area of responsibility, as well as request to speak with an expert about your business technology needs at any time. To update your preferences:

  • Email ideas@change3e.com OR use the chat on Change3e.com or call 520-394-5288 during business hours. You will be asked to provide your business email address to help us locate your contact information and update your preferences.

When you decide to participate in any activity conducted by Change3, we want you to be aware of our privacy policies:

  • Except as described in this privacy policy, or in the rare instances required by law, we may share your personal information according to your indicated permissions, particularly if you request or agree to speak with an expert or otherwise be contacted by an expert or a specified 3rd party to receive more information.
  • If you have agreed to be contacted or to speak with a 3rd party, such as an expert or a solution provider, your contact information, including name, postal service address, phone number, and email address, as well as some or any information about your business technology needs, priorities and/or interests that we have in our system, will be shared with the assigned expert or 3rd party with which you're matched to speak.
  • A member of our outreach team may contact you through multiple channels, including social media, email and phone, potentially to provide content, information and access to data. We will never misrepresent ourselves or what we are doing when we contact you and will always ask your permission to register you for events, complete surveys or gather your permission to contact you later via email.

What Information Is Collected and Potentially Shared By Change3?

When you engage with Change3 owned or managed campaign activities, we collect the following personal identifying information, some of which may already be in our systems, for you to verify:

  • your name, email, title, direct phone number, company name, and postal address, as well as supplemental email address or phone number for delivery of a gift.

We only collect your information when you expressly agree to be contacted by a member of our team or one of our clients, and this will be clearly stated in email, in ads, online or via agents.

When you provide your information, we will use your name and email address to share with one or more of our clients, as agreed with you, according to the activity in which you engaged or enrolled.

As it relates to outreach and communications, Change3 may do any of the following:

  • Share information about events, surveys or other resources that contacts in our database can access upon registration or enrollment.
  • If where appropriate, we will use your provided, verified postal service addresses to mail you a gift or reward, if so agreed.
  • Reach out via email, phone, paid or social media to determine and confirm your interest in various resources offered by our company or on behalf of our clients, including but not limited to events, surveys and downloadable content.
  • Change3 tracks engagement with our systems, including our website, using a variety of tools, including a unique identifier code assigned to each contact in our database.
  • Change3e.com also automatically collects information via log files to administer the site and to aid in technical problem solving. Log file information collected is IP address, time a page was viewed, name of pages viewed within our website during the specific visit, browser type, URL parameters, and cookies that were set by the Change3e.com website at the time of the visit. Log files may also include information indicating where a visitor came from.

We reserve the right to disclose information if required to do so by law or by a regulatory authority. We may also disclose your information as part of an investigation or enforcement action relating to improper or illegal conduct in connection with our Site, including, without limitation, any situations that may potentially involve threats to the safety or privacy of any person, misuse of the Site or violation of the Terms of Use.

Change3 and its wholly owned brands and properties may maintain aggregate data or other non-personally identifiable information about our users, such as usage statistics, online traffic patterns and user feedback. In addition to using this information to support the operation of our business, we may disclose this information to third parties without restriction.

This website has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Member names, postal service addresses, and phone numbers are maintained on a secured database accessible only by the technical staff Change3 has appointed to manage it.

As with any Internet endeavor, absolute security of information transmitted through channels (communication networks, hardware, software) not directly operated or controlled by us, cannot be guaranteed.

In the event we, or our affiliates, experience a merger, acquisition, sale or other transaction pursuant to which this website is acquired by a third party or another affiliate, your personal identifying information may be disclosed to the third party or affiliate both before and after the transaction, for the sole purpose of facilitating and effecting that transaction. In the event a transaction is consummated, you will be notified of the transaction via email and/or through a notice on our website, and custody of your personal identifying information will be transferred subject to all the terms and restrictions in this privacy policy.

Updating Your Personal Information:

Change3 relies on users to provide any updates to personal identifying information. Members may update email addresses, password, postal service address, phone number as well as all other identifying information (available to members only). Please ensure that you change your password regularly to optimize the security of your account. For changes to all personal identifying information, including email address, members are asked to contact us via the information provided above.

Notification Of Changes:

If we are going to use your personal identifying information in a manner different from that stated in our privacy policy at the time of collection, and not as indicated during the registration or enrollment process online or via an agent, we will notify you via email. You will have a choice as to whether we use your information in this different manner; instructions for how to make that choice will be included in the email. If we make any material changes to our privacy practices that do not affect user information already stored in our database, we will post a prominent notice on our website notifying our members that there is a change and pointing them to the revised privacy page.

How to Reach Us:

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to privacy@change3e.com.