fb Installing an SSL Certificate on your website is a must - traffic and user experience could suffer without it
Why Should My Business Migrate to HTTPS Today?

Installing an SSL Certificate on your website is a must - traffic and user experience could suffer without it

February 8, 2019 | IT Research |


You've probably seen evidence of the trend already - the eyebrow lifting "Not Secure" flag that has been appearing on various sites for the last several months.  Google started this process last year and announced as early as 2014 that site security, in the form of HTTPS using an SSL certificate was becoming increasingly important in their algorithm.  This is an example of the flag on a site that's not on HTTPS:


And, below is what is shown when a premium SSL certificate (which can cost hundreds of dollars or more) is installed.  However, more affordable SSL certificates are just fine for the average business and will still provide the coveted "lock" icon.


Secure Website from GoDaddy


We estimate that as many of 1 in 3 businesses in the B2B, Tech and Healthcare solutions sectors still do NOT have a secured HTTPS website.  These businesses are most likely legitimate and really do care about the flag on their website in the destination bar - they just may be intimidated about the process to migrate or are still getting a handle on whether it's really a necessity for their business.


Why are HTTPS and SSL Certificates Big Things in 2019?

It's been kind of building up to this, with the end of 2017 being when Google started to really get people's attention with site security.  However, some experts say that HTTPS has been a Google search factor since 2014. 


By the end of the 2017 Google told the world it would flag unencrypted websites (meaning those not on HTTPS) as unsafe in some way or another.  At the time, web masters wondered if it really pertained to their sites and only paid attention to this if they collected sensitive information - like personal details or credit cards.  Over the course of 2018, Google introduced the visible website flag in its browser, and at that time suggested that having a secured website would become increasingly important in its search ranking algorithm.  Additionally, around this time, other internet sites, like Facebook, made similar announcements about deprioritizing websites or links that aren't HTTPS.


In short, if your site isn't secured, you'll likely suffer in some way or another - either existing users or customers will see that "Not Secure" flag or worse, potential customers won't visit your site at all.


Here's a simple timeline of events:


If your business is the one in three that still hasn't migrated to HTTPS, now is the time to do it.  It's not particularly expensive or difficult, so there's really no good excuse to not do it at this point.  If you're not very techie or don't have time to deal with the administration or technical aspects of this migration, we'd be happy to help.  


Where can you get help purchasing an SSL Certificate and Installing it on your site?

Our Simple+Strategic team at Change3 works specifically with smaller organizations, providing focused services at affordable, generally fixed rates.  Just fill out the form below and one of our specialists will contact you to learn more about your objectives.


Fixed Rates Offered: For the HTTPS migration, we've got simple packages starting at $375 for a non-profit and $500 for a commercial business.


Everything is Included: Each package includes everything needed to make the switch, including the SSL certificate.  We'll purchase it on your behalf, help you with the verification (if needed) and once issued, get the certificate installed on your site - with virtually no down time (everything is done in the middle of the night).


Other Services Can be Provided:  We have a complete team of digital and marketing professionals.  That means anything you need to help market or grow your business, we’ve got covered.  Our rates are attractive, and we offer discounts when you buy more or are a repeat customer.


Please complete the form below to speak with a specialist and get your HTTP migration started:



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