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Is Your Server Ready for AI Applications?

December 18, 2019 | analytics | IT Research |

In February 2019, our research arm BeTechly, conducted a study exploring whether the use of AI applications is growing, the computing architecture required to support it, as well as what types of changes are required for AI workloads. Additionally, examined were how it might impact operations management and what the use cases are. The study uncovered some interesting findings, such as this one on businesses top server and compute requirements.

What are your top requirements as it relates to servers and compute?

Speed, security and management tend to be common areas of concern, Infrastructures are being pushed to the limits of capacity and ability to manage them. The increasing complexity of new technologies, escalating demands of business applications, and huge surge in the volume of data that you need to process have IT organizations struggling to keep up and keep data safe. As such, it is important that you are working with a trusted partner that can help you define a plan for integrating new technologies and optimizing your existing infrastructure to support your organization’s strategy.

Below are some of the AI drivers in the market:

 AI Drivers:

  • Low-cost computing power. Moore’s Law continues unabated, with exponentially more computing power for a fraction of the cost available for the foreseeable future. It’s not simply the MIPs (millions of instructions processed per second) that matter; smaller and smaller packaging with ever-lower current draws are making it possible to provide denser computing infrastructure, even in a mobile device footprint.
  • Data. Thanks to the Big Data revolution, we’ve got more and more data to work with, in structured and unstructured formats, and the means to store it for immediate retrieval. With the data storage problem solved, organizations are moving from online data to in-memory data, which dramatically increases processing speed.
  • Deeper understanding of algorithms and AI. The skill sets that support AI development are maturing, with a better theoretical understanding of how AI works—and doesn’t work—in practice.

Let us know what your 2020 server and compute priorities and requirements are – will you be investing in or starting any AI initiatives? 

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