fb How to Successfully Manage a Global At Home Workforce
How to Successfully Manage a Global At Home Workforce

How to Successfully Manage a Global At Home Workforce

February 27, 2015 | digitalexe |


Various personality types and work style differences are naturally a part of any workplace but when you add in 12 different countries, 4 time zones and six different languages you know that you have a truly unique team that will inherit particular challenges.

At Change3 Enterprises we thrive on the diversity of our ‘delightful experts’, we know that the rich array of skills that our team contribute to our collective work adds to our ability to deliver unexpected solutions to our clientele. 

Creating a ‘Dream Team’ Takes Work

The short answer to how we manage as a cultural, linguistic and personality diverse team is that we work at it each and every day. It does get easier as we learn how to navigate the biggest challenges that we face, however we always need to work consciously to ensure that we are not leaving anyone behind.

The key takeaways from our experience so far include:

  1. Comprehensive communication:  Sometimes we take communication for granted. Create strong processes that ensure that briefs are exceptionally clear using simple language and jargon free;
  2. Regular meetings: Emails are not the same as face to face chats. Schedule regular meetings with key groups to keep people on track.  When people work in isolation at home these catch ups help to create a strong bond between colleagues;
  3. Walk in your colleagues shoes: Cultural differences take on many forms and often encompass important religious beliefs. It is a wise move to take a breath and hop over to your workmates shoes to resolve points of difference. It is only when we truly understand their circumstances can we respond appropriately and compassionately;
  4. Understanding personality types: By understanding how each person works the best it is possible to utilise their skills to the max. If workers are not producing what they are capable of, this can be a simple reason why.

How Do We Know?

One of the most powerful assets that any company has is its people. Recruiting is often a lengthy and expensive process and it is always recommended to focus on retention rather than attrition – where possible.

With this in mind we developed an online application process that helps us hire delightful experts that fit perfectly into our unique culture and environment. It also enabled us to get to know each other a lot better, which led to developing a thriving organizational culture. Read more about this subject in this blog post written by our CEO, Kneko Burney.

Because it has been so successful for us we now offer this service to you our clients. Please contact us for a chat about how we can help you get to know your team.

We Need Your Help

Does this sound like a team that you would like to work for? We are growing at an astounding rate and are looking for talented people to join us. Have a look at our vacancies here and if you can see yourself there please apply!


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